One of the HOA\’s responsibilities is enforcing the covenants of the neighborhood. Every resident has agreed to the covenants when they either purchased their home or as part of their lease agreement. Ballentine Pointe strives to be relatively fair and \”hands off\” compared to most neighborhoods: we specifically do not have an \”army of Karens\” out roving the neighborhood nitpicking for violations.

Violation Sources

We have 2 sources for violations: Resident Complaints and Property Management.

Essentially, when a resident sends in a complaint to the HOA Board or to Property Management (with photos), if the complaint is a violation of a neighborhood covenant, then we will issue a complaint. If you want to report a violation, send an email to our property manager with a photo and address of the violation.

Our property management company also does regular drives through the neighborhood, these catch most of the smaller issues

Violation Process

After a report has been made, the violation is logged against the property. Our property manager will first send a courtesy letter out notifying the resident and property owner of the violation. If the violation isn\’t addressed by the date on the letter, then a warning of fine is issued if the violation is reported again. This gives 10 days to address the issue. After 10 days, if the violation is still outstanding, then a daily fine of $25 is charged to the account until its resolved

Common Violations

  1. Street Parking Ballentine Pointe does not allow street parking, except for service vehicles serving a property. Our streets are narrow and its dangerous and difficult for emergency vehicles and school buses to navigate our streets when people park on the street. Every home has 4 parking spaces. Those should be used first. If you need additional on-site parking, please reach out to the HOA to come to a solution.
  2. Grass and Weeds You are required to maintain any lawn visible from the street or neighbors. This includes mowing, weeding, removing of weeds from landscape beds, and ensuring bare spots in the front lawn are covered with sod. This rule is only enforced from May 1st – November 30th for new problems, as long as a final mow is done after the grass dies down for winter and you don\’t have an existing violation logged prior to November 30th. We highly recommend having a long-term plan for weeds.
  3. Mold/Mildew Pressure wash any mold or mildew off the side of your home
  4. Garbage Cans They are only allowed to be on the street on the day of pick up. They are to be hidden from view the rest of the time. This can include having screening blocking the view, such as a plant, fencing, or other screening that looks good.
  5. Trash and Junk Keep trash and junk out of view from the street and neighbors. This includes inoperable vehicles.
  6. Home Maintenance Keep the elevation of your home in good repair: shutters, mailboxes, garage doors.
  7. Pets and Animals No farm animals are allowed. Dogs need to be on a leash or in a fence. Pick up after your animals
  8. Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, Boats Commercial vehicles, trailers, and boats should be parked in your garage or off-site
  9. Fireworks No fireworks are allowed
  10. Missing ARC Request Modifications were done without an ARC request. Common causes for this are installing a fence, replacing a mailbox with a non-permitted model, decorations (other than holiday decorations during a holiday season), or painting without prior approval. This can be solved by filing an ARC request for the change.