Community Information


  • Initiation Fees are $400 for new members. This is normally paid at closing
  • Leased properties are subject to a $240 annual leasing permit fee. Ballentine Pointe currently does not have a rental cap. This fee covers the increased cost of handling leased properties.
  • 2023 Dues: $120 Quarterly
  • You can pay your dues via the “Pay Dues” link on the sidebar. For any questions regarding your account, please reach out to our Management Company, CMA Communities. They can be reached by the CMA Communities link above.

Board of Directors & Officers

  • Frank Grimes, President
  • Andrew Milota, Vice President
  • Justin Haygood, Treasurer and Secretary
  • TBD — Applications Accepted!

Board Member Requirements:

  • Must be a resident of Ballentine Pointe
  • Must be a member, or a resident designated on behalf of a member, of the association.
    • Owners of properties in Ballentine Pointe
    • Spouses of owners of properties in Ballentine Pointe
    • Owners & their spouses or fellow co-owners cannot serve on the Board at the same time
  • Must be current on dues
  • May not serve more than 6 consecutive years

Officer Requirements:

  • Ballentine Pointe is required to have a President, Vice President, Secretary, and a Treasurer
  • The President and Treasurer must be members of the Board of Directors
  • No person can hold multiple officer positions unless they are a Treasurer and the Secretary
  • The Board of Director can appoint any owner or resident to be an Officer

You can reach the Board of Directors via the Contact Us link above


  • Pool & Landscaping
  • Information
  • Social
  • Neighborhood Watch

Membership is open to both owners and renters. Feel free to reach out to the Board of Directors or the individual committees to join.

Useful Downloads

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

Declaration of Covenants
First Amendment of Covenants
By Laws

Architectural Change Controls

ACC Standards, Guidelines, and Form

Ballentine Pointe – ACC Request Form

New Mailbox Order Form