Committees are a way for residents to get involved with the governance and operation of the community. Each committee has an area of responsibility as defined by the Board of Directors and are given a budget and direction from the Board of Directors. All definitions here have the same meaning as found in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions of Ballentine Pointe as amended from time to time and the Bylaws of Ballentine Pointe as amended from time to time.

Joining A Committee

Each committee has a different level of time commitment based on the level of volunteering you wish to do. Committees have Volunteers and Members. Volunteers are the participants of a committee that aren't Members, Volunteers have no time commitments or obligations outside of any events they wish to volunteer for. Members, being part of the Governance structure of the Association per the By-laws, do have some obligations to the Association: They have a fiduciary duty to all Association Members, must commit to appearing either in-person or virtually to committee meetings, and volunteering for any activities hosted by the Committee, and if the Member is an Officer of the Committee, must fulfill the role that position entails.

Who Can Volunteer?

You must be a Member or an Occupant of Ballentine Pointe in order to be officially considered a committee volunteer or member. Guests of a resident may assist in a non-official capacity with committee events. Members of the Association are not required to be Occupants in order to join a Committee, however, in-person participation is required for committee membership, so out of area Members will generally not be considered as a committee member, but may volunteer for a committee otherwise.

The Board of Directors reserves their right under the Bylaws of the Association to remove a resident from a committee or limit the role of a resident within a committee (such as not allowing a participant to be a member or officer of the Committee). This will generally be done in extreme circumstances, such as in the case of serious delinquency with the Association or misbehavior, or if a member or officer doesn't fulfill the inherent obligations and duties of their position. 

List of Committees and Area of Responsibility

Social Events

Chair: Maris Hickerson
Board Liaison: Andrea Kabasele

The Social Events Committee is responsible for planning and operating the social events calendar for the community, as well as planning and operating the social event budget.

Pool & Recreation

Chair: TBD
Board Liaison: 
Justin Haygood

The Pool & Recreation committee is responsible for the Pool, Playground, and Soccer Field areas, including planning and budget recommendations, coordinating with the Landscape & Architecture committees for areas of overlap, and coordinating with the Social Events committee for events that utilize the amenities. The committee is responsible for evaluating vendors for the various amenity areas, reviewing rules of the usage of the various amenity areas, monitoring usage of the amenity areas, and enforcing rules as appropriate. 

Landscape & Architecture

Chair: Carlos Barcenes
Board Liaison: Justin Haygood

The Landscape & Architecture committee is responsible for the look and feel of Ballentine Pointe, including HOA maintained landscaping at the entrances, amenity areas, and for Architectural Controls per Section 10 of the Ballentine Pointe Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. The Landscape & Architecture Committee must schedule an executive meeting within 21 days of receiving an application for modification in order to review such applications. If a regular meeting is already scheduled within 21 days, then that meeting shall serve as the meeting. During ACC application reviews, only members of the Landscape & Architecture Committee and members of the Board of Directors may be present.

The Landscape & Architecture Committee is also responsible for holding any Yard Decorating Contests. The committee may choose a frequency that works for them, and the rules and criteria for selection.

The following budget items are under the responsibility of this committee: Grounds Contract, Grounds Improvements, Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, Holiday Decorations

Note: The Architectural Control Committee of Ballentine Pointe is a standing committee of the Association and shall consist ex-officio of the Board of Directors and the Landscape & Architecture Committee. If the combined committee is an even number, then the President of the Association will be the tie breaking vote. The ACC shall be chaired by the President of the Association and Vice-Chaired by the Chair of the Landscape & Architecture Committee. The Secretary and Treasurer of the Landscape & Architecture Committee, if one exists separate of the Chair, shall be the Secretary or Treasurer of the combined ACC, however, if no independent position exists, then the Secretary and Treasurer of the Association shall fulfill those roles. The ACC shall approve all applications for approval for architectural modification under Article 10 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions if such approval is given independently by both the Landscape & Architecture Committee and the Board of Directors. The ACC shall review all Architectural Guideline changes proposed by the Landscape & Architecture committee, and unless vetoed within 30 days, shall automatically endorse and approve such proposed changes. The Landscape & Architecture committee shall refer to the full ACC any application which requires a professional consultant to review, or any denial if the denial is due to a conflict with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. Denials due to aesthetic concerns or violations of the published Architectural Guidelines as of the date of application do not need to be referred to the full ACC. Approvals, Denials, and Referrals by the Board of Directors or the Landscape & Architecture Committee shall be provided to the Chair of the full ACC. If the decision is a Referral, then the Chair of the ACC shall schedule a meeting to decide the outcome. If the decision of both the Landscape & Architecture Committee and the Board of Directors is Approval, or if either the Landscape & Architecture Committee or the Board of Directors deny an application, the Chair shall notify the homeowner without a vote by the ACC. Guideline changes shall be provided to the full ACC membership by the Landscape & Architecture Committee. If any member of the full ACC objects to the proposed changes, then the Chair shall schedule a meeting by the full ACC to vote on the changes. If the full ACC approves of the changes, then the changes shall be published immediately. If the full ACC disapproves of the changes, the changes shall be remanded back to the Landscape & Architecture Committee. After 30 days without an objection by a member of the ACC, Guideline changes shall be published as if the full ACC approved the changes. Proposed changes to the Guidelines should first be submitted to the Landscape & Architecture Committee, not the ACC.

Community Relations

Chair: TBD
Board Liaison: 
Andrea Kabasele

The Community Relations committee is responsible for interacting with varying neighborhood organizations, such as local schools, local government, other Homeowners Associations, and any other local community organizations.

Budget & Finance

Chair: TBD
Board Liaison: 
Andrea Kabasele

The budget and finance committee are an advisory committee to the Board of Directors and are responsible for working with other committees, members of the Association, and the Board of Directors to propose the annual operating and reserve budgets. The committee must propose a budget to the Board of Directors by October 1st of each year. The Treasurer of the Association and the Treasurer for all Committees are ex Officio members of this committee. The Chair of the Committee must be a Member of the Association or their Spouse.

All Directors of the Association are invited to attend Budget & Finance committee meeting in order to provide any feedback or answer any questions the committee has. Directors, including the Treasurer of the Association, shall not provide PII to the committee of any Member outside of what is permitted under Article VI, Section 9 of the Bylaws.

Committee Governance

Committee Participation

Unless otherwise noted, any Member or Occupant of Ballentine Pointe can participate in any committee. Per the by-laws, The Board of Directors may choose to remove any committee participant without cause of the Committee for any reason at any time, with or without replacement. 

Board Liaison

Each committee has a Board Member (Director) assigned to the committee. The board member is responsible for ensuring that the committee has all of the necessary resources from the Board of Directors to carry out their assigned mission. The Board of Directors will choose among themselves who will be the Liaison. In the event of a tie, the President of the Association shall be the tie-breaking vote.

Committee Members

Committees consist of volunteers with no time commitment requirements, as well as a subset of official members that are authorized to govern and make decisions for the Committee. Each Committee has different types of decisions within their area of responsibility, but includes drafting a budget, spending any funds delegated to the committee, or any other decision delegated to the committee from the Board of Directors.

The committee should decide if they will have 3, 5, or 7 members as appropriate for the size of the committee participants in good standing. At least one member MUST be a member of the Board of Directors.

Members must be in good standing with the HOA and can be removed or replaced by the Board of Directors at any time. Per the by-laws of the Association, Members must be appointed by the President of the Association from among the participants in good standing of the Committee. The committee participants may nominate members for appointment by the President.

If there are not enough committee participants in good standing to have at least 3 members, then the President of the Association may appoint non-committee participants as a member.

Committees should strive to meet as often as needed to carry out their mission. At the end of a meeting, they must select a new meeting date within 90 days of the current meeting date. They must propose a budget for the committee in their areas of responsibility by September 1st to the Budget & Finance Committee every year for the following year. The Board of Directors may request that a committee meet at an earlier date for a provided purpose. The committee shall provide minutes to the Board of Directors of each meeting. 

Upon request by the Board of Directors, the participants of the Committee shall nominate from amongst themselves new members. The Committee may select the same or different members as before.

Committee Officers

A committee shall select officers from among the Members of the Committee. The Members of the Committee must choose from among themselves a Chair. The Chair is responsible for scheduling and leading meetings and gatherings of the Committee. The Committee may also choose to select a Vice Chair to fill in for the Chair when not available, a Secretary to keep minutes of meetings, and a Treasurer to manage the budget of the committee. If a committee does not have a Secretary or Treasurer, then the Chair is responsible for those functions. If at least one Member of the Committee is NOT a Board Member, then the Chair and other Officers should be selected from among the non-Board Members of the Committee.

If the Treasurer of the Committee is NOT a Member of the Association, the Committee must nominate a Budget Liaison to sit in the Chair's place on the Budget & Finance Committee. The Liaison must be a Member of the Committee and a Member of the Association. It is preferred if the Liaison is not a Board Member, but if there is no suitable candidate, then the Board Liaison will automatically be the Budget Liaison for the Committee.

Upon request by the Board of Directors, the Members of the Committee must choose new Officers of the Committee.

Committee Volunteers

A committee volunteer is anyone who volunteers for a committee but isn't a member of the committee. There are no membership requirements to volunteer with a committee, however, a volunteer can be removed from the committee by the Board of Directors at any time.