Ballentine Pointe has a private community pool open to all residents in good standing with the Homeowner\’s Association. The pool and surrounding areas are under 24/7 audio and video surveillance. You must be a resident in good standing, or a non-resident guest accompanied by a resident in good standing, to use the pool. All others will be prosecuted under OCGA § 16-7-21.

2023 Pool Season

The pool is opening May 27, 2023, with the hours of 9 AM – 8 PM

Registration Form

Use the following form to register for pool access. Note: this form doesn\’t always work on mobile devices or tablets. Please use a computer. If you do not have access to a computer, please reach out to us via Facebook or Nextdoor.

We will issue up to 4 mobile passes via the OpenPath app at no additional cost. If you wish to purchase a physical access card, please contact Melody Daniel at CMA to purchase. Cards are $20 each. Each address can have one physical card issued in addition to the 4 mobile passes.

Note: our form is currently unavailable due to technical issues. Please contact Melody Daniel at CMA ( to register. You will need to provide your name, address, email address, and the names of any other resident age 18 and up that you want a pool pass issued for. CMA will require proof of tenancy for non-owners. We will work to get the form back up ASAP.

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Avigilon Alta / OpenPath Access

Download OpenPath to your mobile device here. Download the app but do not enter your email address into the app: that will disable all existing mobile passes. Instead, please fill out the registration form and we will resend new activation emails for each mobile pass you request.

Pool Rules

  1. Avigilon Alta / OpenPath Access Required — No Exceptions
    1. All residents will be given access to the pool via OpenPath, up to 4 mobile devices. You will be able open the pool gate using your cellphone (without taking it out of your bag)
    2. For our older residents that still want access via an access card, we have a limited supply of access cards as well for $20 each
  2. All residents are required to be current on their dues for access to amenities
    1. Note: we currently allow a one-quarter grace period. As of May 2023, that means you must be current through the January 2023 installment. Starting July 1, 2023, you must be current through the April 2023 installment.
    2. If you own your property, please reach out to CMA to discuss becoming current on your dues. If you lease your property, please reach out to your landlord and have them reach out to CMA.
  3. Residents must not allow people to follow behind them into the pool gate. Each residence MUST use their own access.
  4. Each residence (even when using multiple access cards) is permitted up to 4 people over the age of 10 at a time in the pool, including both residents and guests
    1. Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis, such as pre-approved pool parties and gatherings, by the Board of Directors. The request may be made in writing by sending a request to the HOA.
  5. Children under 18 require adult supervision (parent, guardian, or an adult over 25). The adult MUST be in the pool area.
    1. For the purposes of this rule, the pool area means inside the access card controlled gate
    2. The supervising adult must reside in Ballentine Pointe and use their own pool pass. If the child also resides in Ballentine Pointe, then they must live at the same address.
  6. Non-resident Guests are permitted ONLY when accompanied by a Resident. Resident hosts are responsible for their guests\’ behavior.
    1. Guests do not include fellow residents. If you live in Ballentine Pointe, you are not a guest.
  7. No foul or offensive language permitted.
  8. No loud, foul, or offensive music
  9. Proper swim attire must be worn if you enter the water.
  10. Babies must wear swim diapers if they enter the water.
  11. No running, No diving, and No animals permitted in the pool area
  12. No glass containers
  13. No alcohol at any time
  14. All pool official requests must be obeyed
    1. Pool officials include pool monitors, security staff, Pool & Landscaping Committee representatives, HOA Board Members, and anyone else acting on their behalf.
  15. No public or guest parking — Parking is for users of the pool area, tot lot (playground area), community meeting room, and events held in the pool parking lot area only
    1. We have overflow parking available at the soccer field area. Please let the HOA know via the Contact Us page if you need to use it. It is not intended for long-term parking.
  16. No BBQ Grills permitted in the pool area
  17. No water balloons in the pool area
  18. You must clean up your area before leaving, including all trash and clothing
  19. If you use the first aid kit, please only take what you need.


Please note that we can identify violations remotely. Not having a pool official present is not an excuse to not follow the rules.

If you have any questions, please email the Pool & Landscaping Commitee via the Contact Form