Ballentine Pointe has a private community pool open to all residents in good standing with the Homeowner’s Association. The pool and surrounding areas are under 24/7 audio and video surveillance. You must be a resident in good standing, or a guest accompanied by a resident in good standing, to use the pool. All others will be prosecuted under OCGA § 16-7-21.

2020 Pool Season

Due to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, the pool will not be reopening on May 25, 2020 as originally planned. The new board needs to evaluate all the new guidelines and restrictions with COVID-19 and then once we have a clearer understanding as to what needs to be done to safely open the pool for everyone, we will hopefully be able to make a more informed decision and open the pool.

We are planning to tentatively open the pool on July 6, 2020. However, this date is not set in stone, and may be delayed again. There are many issues involved in opening it, including Public Health, liability concerns, as well as cost of maintaining the cleaning schedule required by the Paulding County Board of Health.

Pool Rules

  1. OpenPath Access Required — No Exceptions
    1. All residents will be given access to the pool via OpenPath, up to 4 cellphones. You will be open the pool gate using your cellphone (without taking it out of your bag)
    2. For our older residents that still want access via an access card, we have a limited supply of access cards as well.
  2. Wristband Required for all adults and children 10 and over (New for 2019)
    1. If you do not have a wristband, and you are over 10, you will not be allowed to remain at the pool.
  3. Children under 14 require adult supervision. The adult MUST be in the pool area.
    1. For the purposes of this rule, the pool area means inside the access card controlled gate
  4. Guests are permitted, but must have a wristband. Resident hosts are responsible for their guests’ behavior.
  5. No foul or offensive language permitted.
  6. No loud, foul, or offensive music
  7. Proper swim attire must be worn if you enter the water.
  8. Babies must wear swim diapers if they enter the water.
  9. No running, No diving, and No animals permitted in the pool area
  10. No glass containers
  11. All pool official requests must be obeyed
    1. Pool officials include pool monitors, security staff, Pool & Landscaping Committee representatives, HOA Board Members, and anyone else acting on their behalf.
  12. No public or guest parking — Parking is for users of the pool area, tot lot (playground area), community meeting room, and events held in the pool parking lot area only
  13. No BBQ Grills permitted in the pool area
  14. No water balloons in the pool area


If you have any questions, please email the Pool & Landscaping Commitee via the Contact Form