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• Monday, July 06th, 2020

Unfortunately, It was determined last night, by a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors, that we will not be opening the pool this season.

Here are some of the major contributing factors leading to this decision.

  1. The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to present real threats and there currently is no cure or vaccine as of yet. Our main objective as a board elected to represent the community’s best interests is for the safety and welfare of our residents and their families.
  2. Georgia has published guidelines recommended by the “CDC” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”, the best ways to clean and sanitize public pools: These are guidelines but we interpret them as very important preventative measures and steps to take to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.
  3. After exploring all options, we determined that we will not be able to open the pool and public spaces in and around the pool and still provide a safe environment for all residents and their families.
  4. Also, many insurance companies and ours as well will not provide insurance coverage for public spaces such as swimming pools and restrooms due to the COVID-19 being so new.

The Board extends it’s apologies to the community, we were hoping that the situation would improve immensely so that we would be able to open the pool. Our Prayers and best wishes go out to those residents who were either directly affected by this terrible virus or may have had family or friends that were exposed to the COVID-19 virus and suffered hardships as a result. Thank You For Your Understanding and Patience during this difficult time in our world.

Frank Grimes
Ballentine Board of Directors

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• Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Hello Fellow Neighbors,

Here is a recent update regarding the opening of the pool in our community. The new board met last night and unanimously voted to postpone the opening of the pool until at least Monday, July 6th due to uncertainties surrounding State and County guidelines for opening swimming pools.

Our main concern is the safety and welfare of our residents and their families, we are continuing to monitor the situation closely. Our hope is as conditions improve that we will be able to open the pool in early July. Although that date may change depending on the COVID-19 situation.

The Board is extremely anxious to open the pool, but we have to be aware of the current state of what’s happening with the pandemic and find ways to maintain the sanitizing and distancing requirements outlined by the State of Georgia and the suggestions from the Centers for Disease & Control of Atlanta.

I promise we will continue to finish getting the pool ready so when the State gives us clearer directions and guidance, we will be ready to open.

Thank You for your patience, please remain safe and healthy, we are dedicated to working with you during these unprecedented times.

Thank You,
Your Ballentine Pointe HOA Board,

Frank Grimes, President
Justin Haygood, Vice President
Eugene Overton, Treasurer
Natasha Walters, Secretary
Andrew Milota, Member-At-Large

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• Saturday, May 23rd, 2020

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

First, we would like to Thank All Health Care Workers, First Responders and all front line workers for all you do to take care of us and keep us ALL SAFE! To all veterans and their families, Thank You and to their families for the sacrifices they made.

First- As a result of our April 29th community Board Member Election. Please join us as we congratulate our newest board members

Newly Appointed- Natasha Walters and Andrew Milota- A warm welcome to you both.

Re-Appointed incumbent members- Frank Grimes, Justin Haygood and Eugene Overton. All board members were appointed due to not having a quorum and will serve for one year ending April 30, 2021

Now, we have some news about:

Pool Opening Update”- due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will NOT be opening the pool on Memorial Day May 25th. The new board needs to evaluate all the new guidelines and restrictions with COVID-19 and then once we have a clearer understanding as to what needs to be done to safely open the pool for everyone, we will hopefully be able to make a more informed decision and open the pool . We will keep everyone posted as to any new developments.

More to come soon

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• Wednesday, April 01st, 2020


My Neighbors Are Watching and Reporting!

            Ballentine Pointe Community Neighborhood Crime Watch is officially starting April 8th, 2020.


  •    We still need volunteers to pro-actively participate in this program
  •     An organizational (virtual) meeting will be held Tuesday 4/7/2020, from 8:00 to 8:30 pm. (call details including a number to call and login and password instructions will be sent to members via the FB group soon)
  •   If you are interested in joining and haven’t requested to join our Facebook group yet – please do so now, our Facebook Group is called “Ballentine Pointe Neighborhood Watch”.
  • There is more information coming using our various methods to communicate including this website, Facebook and Neighborhood Watch.
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